Tamim has a Corona .. Al-Qarmouti calls the Emir of Qatar on the air and a guard hangs the phone to his face


The journalist, Jaber Al-Qarmouti, said that the Qatari media speaks with lies about Egypt, noting that 200% of what the Qatari media says about Egypt has no basis.

Al-Qarmouti reviewed during the “Al-Kalam Ali Ai” program, broadcast on the “Al-Hayat” satellite channel, a news entitled “Panic in the Qatari Emiri Palace due to the injury of the Emir of Qatar to the corona”, explaining that the Qatari media did not mention anything about the news, neither in the affirmative nor in the negative.

And Al-Qarmouti indicated that he decided to check on the health of the Emir of Qatar to find out … Will he be isolated due to the corona?

After Al-Qarmouti called on the air and a person replied, saying: “The Emiri Guards go ahead.” Al-Qarmouti responds and introduces himself to an Egyptian journalist. He asked him about Sheikh Tamim’s infection with the Corona virus, before the employee replied: “This Emiri Guard,” and closed the phone to his face.

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