The “Arab Doctors” conference raises the alarm: 4 diseases responsible for 85% of deaths in Egypt


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Dr. Adel Abdulaziz Al-Sayed, head of the Egyptian Alliance for Chronic Diseases, Professor of Internal Medicine and Diabetes at Sohag Medical College, said that the high numbers of people with diabetes in Egypt is a dangerous indicator, as sugar is among 4 diseases responsible for 85% of deaths in Egypt.

And “Abdulaziz” estimated the number of people with diabetes in Egypt at about 8.5 million people, warning that “half of diabetics in the country are not found to have diabetes, which is dangerous.”

In a special session on the first day of the 45th annual Arab Doctors Union conference, which is held over three days in Cairo, the President of the Egyptian Alliance for Chronic Diseases reviewed the latest protocols for treating diabetes, which are of interest to doctors in all specialties, given the spread of the disease and its multiple effects on human health , And its complications on all body systems.

During the session, Abdelaziz explained the international and Egyptian efforts in the field of health promotion and the prevention of chronic diseases, with the participation of Dr. Wael Safwat, the general coordinator of the alliance. He said that the statistics speak about that there are about 8 and a half million diabetic patients in Egypt, noting that the number may have now approached 12 million patients, warning that half of diabetics in Egypt are undiscovered, and this is extremely dangerous and suffers from complications.

He pointed out that non-infectious diseases (diabetes, heart diseases, chronic chest diseases and cancer) are responsible for 85% of deaths in Egypt, adding: “The numbers of diabetics are large and cause for concern, especially as it is a fatal disease, and is very expensive, since the failure to discover the diabetic at first It costs a lot to treat him.

The head of the Egyptian Alliance for Chronic Diseases called for the necessity of increasing the budget of the Ministry of Health for the benefit of preventing diabetes, noting the need for those over the age of forty years to carry out the analysis of diabetes periodically without waiting for any symptoms to appear.

He stressed that sugar is of two types, the first has many attempts to prevent it, but so far we have not been able to do so, but the second type we have is certain that it is possible to prevent it, adding: “People most at risk of developing diabetes of the second type, these should prepare preventive programs for them, so that they include Weight loss, exercise, and proper nutrition.

He cautioned that a decrease in the weight of people from 5% to 10%, accordingly, delays the occurrence of diabetes, and therefore prevention is important by following sports and slimming activity, and there are some medications used as well, praising the experience of the initiative of 100 million health in Egypt, saying it is an excellent initiative after it helped The detection of many cases, and helped sound the alarm, and “we applaud it and hope it will be repeated, as the whole world is fascinated by that experience.”

Abdulaziz also praised the 45th annual Arab Physicians Union conference, which is very important, as it created a platform that brings together multiple experiences looking at health problems from different angles, indicating that “the integration of consideration of health problems is the one that can solve our problems.”

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