The arrest of two promoters of rumors of the spread of the Corona virus in the country


The security services succeeded in seizing two other rumors and fabricated news about the spread of the Corona virus in the country and the occurrence of deaths in large numbers, without the truth, and legal measures are being taken towards them..

It is noteworthy that the rumor is a crime that threatens the security of the world as many countries take decisive measures to confront it and dry out its springs. The rumor is known to be one of the most popular news broadcasts and broadcasts, while in the language it is known as “proliferation and reproduction”, and in terms of terminology it is: “The news The purposeful whose source is unknown, and which is rapidly spreading, is provocative or calm in nature, according to the nature of that news, and it is moreover that is ambiguous.“.

According to two laws, Article 77 – Article 77d of the Egyptian Penal Code includes a chapter on crimes harmful to the security of the state from within. It also includes a full statement on the rumors, on the promotion of rumors, on the damages that afflict society from these rumors, and imposes penalties on the perpetrator, and some of the texts contained In the Egyptian Penal Code, Article 77 of the Egyptian Penal Code states: “Anyone who intentionally commits an act that leads to prejudice to the independence, unity, or territorial integrity of the country,” shall be punished by death. Article 77D: “A prison sentence is imposed if the crime is committed in a time of peace.“.

Anyone who sought a foreign country or any of those who worked in its interest or communicated with it or with him and that would harm the status of the country, and if the crime occurred with the intention of harming the country’s position with the intent to harm its national interest, the punishment was temporary hard labor in peacetime and hard labor for life in other cases.

Article 78 states: “Anyone who requests for himself, jealousy, acceptance, or even if he has been mediated by a foreign country, or who works for its benefit money or any other benefit, or promises something of that for the purpose of committing a harmful act with a national interest, shall be punished by temporary imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of not less than one thousand pounds. It shall not exceed what he gave or promised, and the punishment shall be hard labor for life.

Whoever gives, offers, or promises anything with the intention to commit a harmful act with a national interest, the same punishment is also punished with whoever mediates the commission of a crime from the previous crimes, and if the request, acceptance, offer, promise, or mediation in writing, then the crime takes place as soon as Export the book.


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