The Attorney General approves the launch of electronic traffic services at the republic level (details)


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In continuation of the activation of Mr. Counselor, the Attorney General of the Digital Transformation Policy for Law Enforcement, and in order to continue the services provided to citizens after suspending the work of partial traffic offices in view of the current conditions; On Wednesday, corresponding to 3/25/2020, His Excellency approved the launch of electronic traffic services at traffic offices at the governorate’s level through the official website of the Public Prosecution; those services provided electronically by Count.

These electronic services are as follows:

First: The online inquiry service about the values ​​of traffic violations due on developed driving licenses or vehicles, which allows inquiries about them at any time of the day.

Second: The electronic grievance service is one of the values ​​of traffic violations, which enables grievances from those values ​​remotely without the need to go to the headquarters of the total traffic offices, and then notify the grievance of the result upon completion of the examination.

Third: The service to follow up on grievance requests against the values ​​of due traffic violations and payment requests, which allows inquiries about what has been done at any time throughout the day.

Fourth: The cash payment service upon receipt, which allows the request for issuing violations certificates remotely; by requesting that they be delivered by the Egyptian Post Authority to the place of residence; and to pay the due amounts in cash upon receipt.

Fifth: The electronic payment service with a bank credit card or a government “privilege” card, which allows the ability to extract violations certificates and pay the due amounts remotely with those cards, and requests that they be delivered by the Egyptian Post Authority to the place of residence.

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