The Cabinet responds to the news of suspending the study from March 22 until 2 A.


10:51 am

Friday 13 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

The Cabinet denied reports on some websites and social media pages regarding the disruption of studies during the conduct of experimental exams for the first secondary class, which are held during the period from March 22 to April 2 next.

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers stated in a statement clarifying the facts, that it had communicated with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, which denied these reports, confirming that it was not correct to disrupt the study while conducting experimental exams for the first secondary class, explaining that the experimental electronic exam will be conducted in the classes in secondary schools amid The school day without disrupting the study, indicating that the goal of the exam is to train students to deal with the tablet in preparation for the end-of-year exams.

The Ministry indicated that the electronic pilot exam for the first secondary school students will start on March 22 until next April 2, using the open book system, and while the student has studied it during the second semester of this year, these tests will not affect the results of students at the end of the school year because they are without degrees, The progress of the examinations will be followed up by the Ministry and the directorates and the results achieved during and after the exam period, with the aim of eliminating any problems or negatives that may appear in the end-of-year exams, as well as activating all necessary procedures for the participation of all students of the first secondary class targeted for the performance of the exam. K training tests.

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