The CCM proposes 25 films that will be shown free during the existing quarantine period


Various films to try to satisfy all tastes

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center revealed the list of feature films that it will post on the Internet in the coming days, after the film festivals stopped in light of the measures to cope with the spread of the Coruna virus.

And the Moroccan Film Center announced that it will start showing films from today, Tuesday, through its official website, and it concerns long films supported by it.

Among the films shown on the website ““Farewell to Mothers, Farouj, Lahnash, Zero, God’s Horses, The Road to Kabul, Light in the Dark, Dallas, and other films totaling 25 films.

The center will show one movie every 48 hours through its official website, to allow the cinema audience to follow the latest cinematic films during the quarantine period.



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