The crime of urbanism … tore apart his wife and lover in retaliation for his honor


10:12 PM

Sunday 22 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The security services in Giza are investigating a worker’s accusation of killing his wife and her lover in Al-Omraniya area.

The director of the West Giza sector received a signal from the Najda police to find two bodies inside an apartment in the Omraniya Police Department department, west of the governorate, on Sunday evening.

Initial investigations by criminal investigation officers indicated that a person had ended the life of his wife and her lover after they had been caught in a breaching situation, as they had been stabbed with them.

And a force of the Omrania Investigations was able to arrest the accused, who confessed to his crime in retaliation for honor, was instructed about the tool used, and was taken to the department for investigation.

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