The Egyptian community in South Korea sends urgent appeal to the government: “Save our children.”


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The Egyptian community in South Korea sent an urgent appeal to the government, to quickly intervene and assist in what their students students face from the dangers threatening their academic situation, due to the alarming outbreak of Corona virus in Korean cities.

Al-Masry Al-Youm received a copy of letters of appeal from parents spread across the Korean cities from university professors, businessmen, investors and workers, presented to the Egyptian embassy in South Korea, and demands that the exams be postponed, due to the Egyptian embassy’s lack of readiness to receive these student gatherings.

“The community, which includes a large number of university professors residing in South Korea, has submitted a request to the Egyptian Ambassador to South Korea, Dr. Hazem Fahmy, to postpone the examinations of the people of the community,” said Dr. Mohamed Talaat El-Gendy, Professor of Arabic Language and Arab Culture at Chosun University.

And the “soldier” added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, that “the Egyptians are spread in all cities of South Korea, which announces daily an average of 300 cases carrying the disease, and therefore this group of students will attend to perform their exams inside the embassy headquarters, which is not equipped to receive This quantity, in light of the widespread spread of the virus ».

He continued, “The embassy sent confirming that it does not have the authority in that, and that the specialist is the educational administration (of our children abroad), which has not been received until two weeks ago, and we were surprised by sending it the schedule of exams that will start on April 3.”

He affirmed that “Korea imposes a severe ban on gatherings, and all cafes, restaurants, theaters and cinemas have been closed, as well as a ban imposed on moving between specific cities, which imposes difficulty for the Egyptian community to come from separate areas to the capital, Seoul, to perform the exams.” Two proposals have been prepared for a number of communities in East Asia, including the Egyptian community in Japan, which includes exams being performed online, which is currently implemented by Korean schools and universities, or paper-based and sent to the embassy, ​​through the diplomatic pouch.

On the living conditions in South Korea, the “soldier” explained that there is an emphasis on being on the streets for long times, and “delivery” and home delivery were prohibited, and only one person from the family is allowed to go out to buy products and living needs, indicating that there is an acute crisis in the availability of masks And, it is spent on personal cards with only two muzzles per week, with studies in educational institutions suspended, and they continue online only.

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