The FA is considering isolating players in private hotels and blocking fans until next October


The English newspaper “The Independent” revealed a new proposal being studied by the English Football Association in order to complete the 2019-20 season of the English Premier League and save it from cancellation, against the background of interruption of football activity due to the spread of the emerging Corona virus “Covid 19”.

The newspaper reported that the English FA is considering holding World Cup-style matches in isolated camps in the cities of London and Medelans, during the months of June and July, provided that all the remaining 92 matches are broadcast in a major TV event with government support.

The newspaper pointed out that the establishment of the rest of the matches without fans is the closest solution to implementation, after everyone gave their initial approval.

The huge TV broadcast contracts raised great concerns among the clubs for fear of not completing the season, but one of the advantages of the new proposal is that it will be a huge TV event with government support.

In order to complete the plan, the clubs will completely separate their employees from their family during that period, such as international tournaments, although this time with complete health care and quarantine for the duration of their stay in the hotel.

Not only will the clubs have a commitment to quarantine, but also all officials, photographers and outside broadcast crews.

And there is still a crisis in the availability of hospitals for players if some of them are injured, and one of the informed sources asked about that, and he confirmed that the English Premier League should take a special hospital for that.

This idea remains, until now, just a proposal on the table of the English Clubs League, which seeks to break the current impasse in any way.


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