The fact that Sharif Ekrami hit his colleague in Al-Ahly Saleh Juma


Did Sharif Ikrami, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, beat his colleague Saleh Jumaa, this was a question directed to the Red Castle goalkeeper in a TV program.

The fact that Sherif Ekrami was hit in favor of Jumaa

It was reported that Akrami had assaulted Saleh Jumah in his room in one of Al-Ahly’s camps.

Ekrami denied any attack on Saleh Jumaa, but said he severely categorized the player, not to show off or look.

Ikrami confirmed that there is no strike in the Al-Ahly club between the players, as this does not happen in the Red Castle.

Ekrami said that his censure of Saleh was not motivated by the view, but was motivated by concern for the principles of Al-Ahly club and the behavior of Saleh Jumaa, which does not suit the Red Club.

Ikrami emphasized that his relationship with Saleh is good and not superficial, as some think.

Al-Ahly’s guard added that Saleh Jumah’s lifestyle is strange and that he is very much late, but he made clear that he did not want to talk about it negatively.

Ekrami revealed that he advised Saleh Jumaa to leave Al-Ahly and search for another club.

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Al-Ahly announced in its official statement its approval of Sherif Ekrami’s desire to leave the Red Fort and not renew his contract, which ends at the end of the current season.

As for Saleh Jumaa, he entered his relationship with Swiss coach Rene Fyler of Al-Ahly for a dead end after the coach announced that he did not depend on the player permanently and advised him to leave the club.

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