The father of the murdered villa, Nancy Ajram, announces the dismissal of the lawyer, Rehab Al-Bitar, from the case


The case of the dead villa witnessed the star Nancy Ajram A new development, after the announcement of the father of the murdered Mohamed Al-Mousa, the dismissal of the lawyer, Rehab Bitar, and stopping her from continuing with his son’s case without specific reasons, after she uncovered several surprises in the case that could have completely changed its course.

Muhammad Al-Mousas father came under criticism after his appearance in a video clip, to announce the removal of the lawyer from the case, where he said, “Dr. Rehab Bitar, as a lawyer from the late Muhammad, has been removed, and she has many thanks.” Some have accused him of obtaining a settlement so he wants to keep her out of the picture. While some said that this does not contain any kind of restitution to the lawyer, who announced in front of everyone that she will stand until the family of the dead person gets her legal right, despite the pressures she is exposed to..

Followers also asked the lawyer, Rehab Bitar, about the reason for ending her mission in the case, and asked her to reveal the truth in a transparent manner, but she did not respond through her accounts to this day.

The last thing that lawyer Rahab revealed about the Al-Mousa case was the result of the medical report issued after the autopsy of Mohammed Al-Mousa a few days ago, where she said that the death was due to a bloody hemorrhage and a brain rupture caused by the multiple fireworks, while no further details were revealed..

Lawyer Rehab Al-Bitar, on February 13, filed a request to re-dissect the body of Mohamed Al-Mousa, saying on Twitter: “We have applied to form a committee of forensic doctors to restore medical expertise, and Judge Mansour agreed to her request.”

The case details go back to January 5, when Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of actress Nancy Ajram, fired 17 bullets at Mohamed Al-Mousa, who broke into his house, while social media reported that the dead man was working in the villa, while the Nancy family said he had stolen and killed Fadi Al-Hashem in self-defense.


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