The first comment from Mohamed Magdy after confirming the negativeness of Coronas analysis


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Mohamed Magdi, Ismaili defender, reassured the Egyptian football fans, after suffering from the symptoms of Corona virus, and carrying out his analysis, which resulted in a negative result.

“It was a very cold cold, my temperature was below 39, and a rigid cough and tremors were not normal,” Majdi said in a telephone interview on the OnTime channel.

He added: “I did chest x-rays, and a complete blood picture, and the doctors worried about the blood picture, because there was a problem, so they decided to stay in the hospital.”

He continued: «3 hours later, they took a sample to conduct a corona virus analysis, thank God the result was negative.

“Majdi” had published a picture of him from the quarantine, after he was exposed to the symptoms of the Corona virus, and asked everyone to pray for him, before reassuring his fans of the negative results.

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