The first pictures from the scene of the trail collision of 15 cars in the row


“Al-Bawaba News” obtained the first pictures from the site of a trail collision with a group of cars near the Helwan Gate in the El-Saf Police Station circle in Giza Governorate.

Initial investigations showed that, during the line-up of the cars, “Malaky, Microbus, Transport and Half-Transport”, in implementation of the instructions of the curfew, the trailer collided with a trailer loaded with building materials, after Helwan Gate on the regional road, in the direction coming from Upper Egypt and heading to Cairo, Where the accident occurred in kilo 25.

Initial follow-up indicated that 15 people were killed and 8 wounded, and the number could be increased.

The beginning was that Major General Tareq Marzouq, Director of Giza Security, received a notification from the El-Saf Police Station stating that a major accident occurred on the top of the regional ring road and that there were a number of victims.

Immediately, Major General Hani Saeed, Director of Administration, Major General Imad Hamdi, Director of the Southern Sector, Lieutenant Colonel Hazem Lasheen, Major Ahmed Al Shafi’i and Captain Hawari Ahmed, and it turned out that the driver of the Traela collided with 14 cars lined up due to the curfew, as it was found that most of the victims were inside two microbus cars and the bodies were being extracted, We will provide you with the details.

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