The Football Association decides to stop referee Saeed Hamza and refer him to investigation


Officials of the Football Federation’s quinquennial committee decided to stop referee Saeed Hamza and refer him to investigation after speaking in the media without prior permission from the Referees Committee and criticizing the quinquennial committee.

He objected Referee Saeed Hamza During his intervention with Ahmed Schubert on a channel ON TIME SPORTS Following the resignation of Gamal El-Ghandour from the chairmanship of the referees committee, the five-party committee did not agree to pay the late rulers ’dues and implement the new financial regulations.

Officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association, headed by Amr Al-Janayni, decided to postpone the formation of a new referee committee until the position of the return of the league championship was determined after the activity was halted because of Corona, after accepting the written resignation submitted by Jamal Al-Ghandour from the presidency of the referees committee last Thursday due to his objection to not The council’s approval of the payment of dues according to the new list that was drawn up by Samir Othman, the former referees committee chairman during the reign of Tharwat Suwailem, the acting president of the Football Association, among which he spent 5 thousand pounds to rule in the Premier League matches instead of 3 thousand pounds that were spent building On the old list .

Jamal Al-Ghandour and his committee, which includes Yasser Abdel-Raouf, Tamer Dri and Fahim Omar, and all members of the committee, submitted a collective resignation from the management of the referees committee, especially that Ghandour was the one who nominated them as soon as he assumed the task of the referees committee.


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