The French embassy exposes the distortion of Al-Jazeera and Anatolia to the statements of the ambassador in Egypt – Arabs and the world


The French embassy statement in Egypt, in which it clarified the misrepresentation of the statements of the French ambassador about the situation of Corona in Egypt, came to expose the lies of the Qatari “Al-Jazeera” channel and the Turkish “Anatolia” agency, and their tails from the sites and channels loyal to the terrorist Brotherhood.

Today, the French embassy in Egypt revealed the truth of the statements attributed to the ambassador, in which he spoke about the Corona virus in Egypt.

According to a statement of the embassy, ​​in which he said: “The French ambassador in Egypt, Stephen Romate, in the French language addressed the French community in Egypt, through a video posted yesterday, on social networking sites. The ambassador talked in the context of the crisis related to the Corona virus” Covid 19 “about the efforts The French embassy gathered for the French community in Egypt.

The French embassy statement added that “part of the ambassador’s statements have been misinterpreted and misrepresented for controversial purposes.” The statement pointed out to the statement that “the translation does not fully reflect the spirit of full solidarity adopted by France with Egypt and expressed through this video.”

The Qatari channel and some Brotherhood websites attributed a translation to the ambassador saying that Egypt will witness a difficult situation in the coming weeks, against the backdrop of the spread of the Corona virus, addressing the French nationals in Cairo with “preparation, Egypt will face isolation like the rest of the world with the spread of Corona” .

“Al-Jazeera” ignored part of the French ambassador’s statements, in which he praised the measures and measures taken by Egypt in dealing with the virus crisis, saying that Egypt is taking the same steps and measures that various other countries are taking to isolate and postpone sea and air flights and other measures.

The French ambassador stressed that the coming weeks will be difficult in general, calling for solidarity to confront the mysterious virus.

It is the same translation that was adopted by the Turkish “Anatolia” news agency, and with it the Brotherhood websites.

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