The homeland march in the biography of Jalal


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Most politicians, who have been immersed in political work, are keen to issue their notes, including those who defend his decisions, or his mistakes, and a few who try to prove his presence, perhaps in the hope of returning to the limelight !! But it attracted me in the last days an attempt by a citizen who came out of the depth of the Egyptian environment, from the middle class .. Employee, son of an employee .. We find him wrote his autobiography more than he recorded the era in which he lived .. even to it seems to us that he is the last respected man, from this middle class – And most of them are employees – he wrote to reveal to us a class march – which is without discussion or argument – which bore all the trouble .. It started simple .. He reached the pinnacle of executive responsibility and progressed – with his effort alone – without mediation … to reach the rank of rulers dean, conservative .. Then As a minister, without asking for a “wasta” that would push him to these positions … to the first ranks … and the scourge of Egypt and Egyptians now is the “wasta” Even Gamal Abdel Nasser himself sought, in order to join the Military Academy, to this medium … He obtained it and entered the college to change the fate of Egypt, the homeland and people.

The biography of Jalal is the diary of this person: Dr. Jalal Mustafa Al-Saeed. We find it in the utmost courage .. He did not resign or regret while remembering his beginnings as the son of an employee in the agrarian reform .. He did not evade mentioning his simple beginnings .. and moving him with the family between more than one city so that is the life of the employees .. And these beginnings remind me of what I read about the most famous engineer An Egyptian in the modern era is the “teacher Othman Ahmed Othman” who did not refrain from providing a certificate of poverty to enter the College of Engineering .. exactly as it reminds me of the most famous engineer from two centuries ago is the engineer Ali Pasha Mubarak, the engineer Muhammad Ali sent to Europe to return and take on the greatest works Khedive Ismail .. and establishes Khedive Cairo.

And Dr. Jalal Mustafa Al-Saeed started this simple start as one of the sons of this self-made agricultural reform employee, as one of the family members who brought us out with Jalal professors, deans and senior surgeons, and they were eight brothers, it is the family of Mustafa Effendi .. He was not upset when the father died and the pension of Mustafa Effendi was not enough The family expenses did not find anything wrong with the family buying a small victory car that turns it into a taxi, which a driver was working on to provide the family with some of its needs.

■ ■ Jalal’s biography recounts this “Mustafa Effendi family” struggle through a nation’s march in the height of its crisis and the late era of President Mubarak .. Then the catastrophe of the Brotherhood’s seizure of power .. And through his biography he narrates the nation’s march since he started as a lecturer .. then a conservative .. twice a minister .. He did not stop much when he left the ministry .. Rather, he returned as a minister of the same ministry … then the governor of Egypt.

It is the story of a homeland, through the story of a citizen, and in all honesty he said everything .. The man – as we have seen him – was honest .. because he is one of us, and so he did not turn away from us .. exactly as was the teacher Uthman Ahmed Othman and the testimony of poverty!

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