The Italian Olympic Committee stops all sporting activities


The Italian Olympic Committee has officially announced the suspension of all sports activities in the country until the third of next April, due to the spread of Corona virus.

The number of victims of “Covid-19” internationally known as the Corona virus on Italian soil has risen to 366 people, among more than seven thousand infected with the virus, making Italy the second most affected country after China.

Giovanni Malago, president of the Italian Olympic Committee, met with the heads of sports federations on Monday, and the meeting ended with an agreement to freeze sports activity in Italy until the third of April.

According to the Italian newspaper, “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, the decision of the Italian Olympic Committee awaits the approval of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

And the Serie A competitions will be held without an audience in recent weeks, after the spread of Corona virus on Italian soil, and the Italian Prime Minister called on Sunday to postpone the local league competition, as a precautionary measure for fear of the spread of the disease.


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