“The Light of the Zodiac” decorates the skies of Egypt and the Arab world and is observed with the naked eye in a beautiful scene


The weeks near the spring equinox are ideal times to see the light of the zodiac in the evening sky, and now the moon has left the beginning of the night sky, so the coming weeks will represent the appropriate time to see it in the entire northern hemisphere..

And the astronomical society in Jeddah revealed in a report that after sunset, about an hour is observed with the naked eye without the need to use special monitoring equipment from the desert areas, because light pollution inside the cities obscures the natural lights in the sky dome.

Because the light of the zodiac is dim, it is easy for the moonlight to obscure it, so the nights near the moon falling in alignment are ideal for observing.

In general, the period from late February to April – which includes the weeks near the equinox in the northern hemisphere is one of the best times of the year to see the light of the zodiac after about 80 to 120 minutes from sunset, given that the zodiac is approximately perpendicular to the horizon.

The light of the zodiac can be found in the form of a flashing triangle that extends from the western horizon towards the bull star group. This star group can be easily distinguished by two of its distinctive mark, the star Aldebaran and the star cluster of the chandelier, which will appear above the western horizon at the beginning of the night .

The reason for the occurrence of zodiac light is due to the reflection of sunlight from particles of dust that lie between the planets and revolve around the sun in the interior of our solar system..

It is worth noting that for the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere “south of the equator”, the month of March represents the timing of the observation of the zodiac light in the morning sky on the eastern horizon before the light of dawn.

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