The Minister of Awqaf cries in Friday sermon .. and reveals a heat at the door of the mosque (details)


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Egyptian television, Friday prayers, is broadcast today from the Maspiro TV mosque. The Ministry of Health and those in charge of the building placed a heat detector at the door of the mosque to reveal the temperature of the worshipers, and today’s sermon revolves around “apparent and hidden reasons for raising the calamity and the obligation of obedience to the guardian.” The Minister of Awqaf, Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, called on the Egyptians to listen to the instructions and advice directed by officials in light of the escalation of the new crisis of “Corona”.

It was stated in the Friday sermon, which was transferred from the Egyptian television building (Maspero), that it is necessary to endure the calamity and calamities that the person is going through with the necessity of working to implement what the guardian requests, as he revealed the importance of care and prevention from the virus and washing hands regularly.

The prayer witnessed the presence of dozens in the mosque by worshipers working in Maspiro, with a heat detector at the door of the mosque, and “Friday” cried and began to be affected during his prayer at the end of the sermon that God protect Muslims from the epidemic, and before the start of the prayer, the Minister of Awqaf asked the worshipers not to shake hands after Praying or hugging, and the sermon did not take between 10-15 minutes.

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