The Minister of Information: The ministers do not shake hands with each other … and the people responded to a reward


10:35 PM

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Osama Haikal, Minister of State for Information, said that the people have responded to the gradual governmental measures to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, in addition to reducing the handshake behaviors, hugs and gatherings; but the measures cannot succeed 100% because each society has some groups that violate the instructions.

Heikal, during his dialogue with the media Samir Omar on the “People of Egypt” program broadcast on “Sky News Arabia” channel, today, Tuesday, that the ministers in the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers do not shake hands with each other and are satisfied with nodding from afar.

The Minister of Information stated that in light of the crises, the news should be well verified before its publication, expressing his surprise at the publication of the Guardian and New York Times regarding the number of injuries, especially since the numbers of casualties announced daily by the government in full transparency are consistent with what the Health Organization declares Globalism.

Heikal continued: “We are now facing a new type of journalism called journalism, which means that some publish incorrect news, so that the government can deny it, but I will not have news after that, because the evidence is on who claimed, and there is no time for confusion and confusion.” In light of the humanitarian crisis that terrified the world and was not respected or appreciated by some newspapers, such as (The Guardian) and (The New York Times).

The Minister of State for Information added: “I will not accept any tampering with credibility or transparency, and we will face that by publishing the correct information in a transparent manner, and we will work to make the information available from its reliable sources.”

Heikal stated that when he took office, he agreed with President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to not prevent any news in light of the open skies and cyberspace, and this agreement was the beginning of changing the media dealing strategy to depend on the availability of information, which appeared in the government’s performance during the last period.

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