The “Musicians” respond to Mohamed Ramadan: You will receive an official warning that you will be sued within hours


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The musician Ahmed Ramadan, Secretary General of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, responded to the artist Mohamed Ramadan about his talk about not preventing him from singing, saying that he is “forbidden, he has no permits to sing and he cannot sing or stand on a stage”.

The reply of “Ramadan” came in a special statement to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, on the post of Mohamed Ramadan, in which he said: “I am not prohibited from singing.”

The musician said: “No … it is forbidden and say as you like that you want.”

He continued, “In the coming hours, Muhammad Ramadan will arrive with an official warning, which is that the Syndicate of Musical Professions has officially sued him for the release of the song (You are a Gide), where the song came after the decision of the musical professions and its captain, artist Hani Shaker, to ban him from singing.”

He continued: “He has acting permits, not singing, and he will not be able to stand on stage or sing anywhere, and he knows that, because he is considered to be in violation of the official decision.”


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