The National Movement: There is no difference between the Brotherhood and the greedy merchants, who are all traitors


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Dr. Mohamed Ragab, the political advisor of the Egyptian National Movement party, described the traders who took advantage of the Corona virus crisis that the world is going through to raise prices and trade in the problems of citizens, describing them as traitors who violate the teachings of all religions that encourage cooperation and brotherhood and not to exploit the needs of people.

Dr. Mohamed Ragab called on the government in a statement to activate the supervisory role and take strict measures to protect citizens from the greed of some manipulative merchants with the prices of food commodities and antiseptics, their confiscation and distribution to the people at real market prices, beating with a hand of iron on everyone who manipulates the capabilities of the Egyptian people, and making a legislative amendment to a law Protect competition and prevent monopolistic practices, so that the punishment becomes a life imprisonment of 25 years instead of the current punishment because it does not achieve adequate deterrence to violators, to face cases of concealment and imprisonment of necessary products and goods, especially in light of the health repercussions that the world is going through with proliferation SK virus t.

“Rajab” stated that what the country witnessed during the past few days, regarding the demand for storing commodities, in conjunction with the escalating measures taken by the state agencies to limit the spread of the Corona virus, requires speedy intervention to regulate the matter, especially since the state announced the availability of a strategic stockpile of various commodities. For several months to come.

The political advisor of the Egyptian National Movement party stated that those who hide the necessary goods, withdraw antiseptics and drugs that fight corona from pharmacies with a view to reselling them at the highest prices for the enemies of the people and should be placed on black lists that do not differentiate between them and the elements of the terrorist Brotherhood who spread rumors and lies all the time.

The political advisor of the Egyptian National Movement party appealed to the competent authorities to intervene quickly to stop this tidal wave of unjustified rise in prices, and to deter these merchants and hold them accountable and control prices in markets and outlets.

And Dr. Mohamed Ragab went on to say that we should take advantage of the experiences of countries that have witnessed many infections, during the past days, to not repeat the mistakes that caused the spread of the virus in a short period of time.

He pointed out that citizens have a major role in confronting the virus, by helping the government to commit to implementing decisions, such as stopping private lessons, not rushing to goods and storing them, and informing the Consumer Protection Agency about any merchant who exploits the needs of citizens and raises prices.

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