The night curfew stops the movement in Cairo, the city that never sleeps


A police officer is interrogating a man in the street at the time of the curfew near Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with the curfew in effect on Wednesday evening. Photography: Mohammed Abdul-Ghani – Reuters.

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt and its capital, Cairo, a major city of about 20 million people, were closed Wednesday evening with the start of a curfew imposed by the authorities at night to contain the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

In Cairo, the city that does not sleep, where restaurants and cafes remain open until the early hours of the morning, shop owners closed their stores and the returnees from their businesses were rushing to their homes before the curfew began from seven in the evening until six in the next morning.

The police deployed on key roads to stop any violators of the ban. Many streets were virtually deserted half an hour before the ban went into effect.

“This is a disease that is not wasted,” Mohamed al-Jabali, a Cairo resident, said while standing on a main street where there was little traffic before the ban. We want people to sit in their homes and after the ban, no one will come down. ”

Egypt has stepped up measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by closing airports and health clubs and by disrupting studies in schools and universities until mid-April. Restaurants were restricted to catering.

With the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies, shops will close at 5 pm, two hours before the curfew begins.

Egypt, with a population of 100 million, recorded 456 confirmed cases of the virus and 21 deaths.

Like other countries, Egypt has taken steps to reduce the impact on the economy, including a sudden 3 percent cut in the interest rate and an injection of 20 billion pounds ($ 1.27 billion) to support the stock market.

Press coverage by Sayyed Shaishaa – Prepared by Ashraf Radi for the Arabic Bulletin – Editor Mohamed El Yamani


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