The oldest Russian communications satellite referred for retirement. Know the details


The Russian “Satellite Communications Corporation” has announced the cessation of the work of the Russian “Express-A4” communications satellite, which was launched into space in 2002, and the organization indicates on its official website, that this satellite has worked in space for more than 2.5 times, as He was only scheduled to work seven years. . According to the data of the Foundation’s website, ten communications satellites are currently operating in space.

The Express-A4 satellite was operating in the geostationary orbit, at an altitude of 35,786 km at a point of 145 degrees east of the longitude over the Pacific, according to Russia today.

According to the satellite tracking website, the Express-A4 satellite is flying westward over an orbit higher than the Earth’s fixed orbit over the Atlantic Ocean, which is typical for satellites that are referred to retirement and transported to the burial orbit where they can stay there. Forever, without posing any threat or danger to other satellite devices.

The satellite communications agency indicated that the Express-AMU7 satellite will replace the Express-A4 satellite, and that the launch of the Express-80 and Express-103 satellites, which was scheduled at the end of March, will be delayed until the end of next May to discover a problem in the transport missile.


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