The Prime Minister: The issue is not a curfew, meaning a curfew


Today, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, chaired the Board of Governors meeting with video conferencing technology.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister indicated his follow-up with the governors on the implementation of the embargo at the level of the governorates of the Republic, explaining a number of issues that have caused confusion among citizens regarding the implementation of the embargo, in the forefront of which is the affirmation that this curfew is not a curfew that was applied in 2011 for considerations Security, but rather aims to limit unnecessary citizens ’movements, pointing to the importance of a number of pivotal issues, foremost of which is not stopping the movement of ports, vehicles carrying medicines, medical supplies, food, vegetables, fruits, and any materials involved in important industrial activities.

The Prime Minister stated that he learned that some of the governors yesterday closed some factories that produce foodstuffs, pointing out that by mistake also in some governorates, transport vehicles carrying flour for bakeries were stopped, and others transported foodstuffs to the supermarket, and others transported vegetables and fruits heading to wholesale markets.

The Prime Minister stressed that the decisions issued are not intended to cause paralysis of the state’s economy, directing the governors in coordination with security managers to ensure that factories do their work, as work in the factories ’movement will not be stopped on the condition of organizing shifts, organizing the transfer of labor or providing them with residence in the factories. Also, the Prime Minister stressed the continuity of work in ports throughout the 24 hours as they are, stressing the importance of the continued movement of import and export in the country.

The Prime Minister said: “The issue is not a curfew in the sense of a curfew, the industry and the necessities of life and living for citizens must continue and should not be caused by obstruction, calling at the same time for governors to coordinate with the owners of factories to continue their work with the coordination of the labor movement.”

Madbouli noted that the current curfew is aimed at limiting unnecessary citizens ’movement such as sitting in cafes, wandering and crowding in malls, and not stopping the wheel of the state’s growth and economy, stressing in this regard the need for government departments to work with the fewest number of employees to ensure the conduct of business, Demanding that additional labor remain in homes to reduce pressure on the streets and in various mass transportation, also directed to disrupt the work of employees working in government departments residing in another governorate who are going to work in another governorate other than those residing in it.

The Prime Minister also assured the governors of the availability of strategic commodities, as well as various medical supplies, and also reviewed with the governors the situation of cases infected with the new Corona virus, the isolation of cases in contact with it, and various disinfection work.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, called on the governors to coordinate with the factories that want to complete the work with full shifts, to be arranged with them on how to implement this, including the movement of buses to transport labor to and from factories, stressing that there are factories that cannot To stop, and work with it must continue, so as not to cause negative consequences and there will be an unimaginable cost and damage greater.

He added that the focus was on cafes and restaurants that witness large gatherings of individuals, which will be closed, and there is only a home delivery service, but the ports, factories and petrol stations must continue to operate, and not be closed. He added that the main goal was to reduce the unnecessary movement of ordinary citizens during this phase.

The Prime Minister raised the statement made by the Minister of Supply during today’s meeting of the stopping of food and flour transport vehicles in some governorates during the ban period, directed to review this matter, and made an exceptional lane in every ambush from which food transport vehicles and vehicles excluded from this decision pass.

The Prime Minister directed the governors to form a mini-crisis group in each governorate, which includes the director of the Health Directorate, the Preventive Medicine Officer, and hotlines with all officials, conduct a comprehensive inventory of medical supplies, to record any shortage, and work to provide it in coordination with the Ministry of Health, as well as follow-up data on the injured Each province and investigating those in contact with them in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Security as part of efforts to besiege this epidemic and limit its spread, so that the government is able to confront and deal immediately if any problem arises.

For his part, Dr. Ali Muselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, asked the governors to coordinate with the security directors, in these exceptional circumstances, to allow bakery workers to move before 7 am, so that bread will be prepared and be available to citizens with the movement starting in the morning after the hours of the ban, noting that Bakeries are among the places exempt from the ban and must operate in accordance with the nature of their work.

He also called on the Minister of Supply to observe that food shops are not closed at 7 pm, as stipulated in the decision, as well as to allow all food factories to operate at the same capacity to ensure the availability of goods in the required quantities, especially with the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, and also called for allowing transportation logistics Restaurants to be able to do their job.

The Minister of Supply added that the Prime Minister’s periodic book included explanations for many of the matters related to the ban, and the exceptions to it, and that a rapid mechanism must be reached to deal with cars of food companies or agricultural crops to ensure the continuity of the provision of key commodities.

The Minister of Supply confirmed that the Ministry is working on all days of the week, including Friday and Saturday, and is ready to receive all requests to solve any problem.

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