The Public Prosecutor orders the imprisonment of a member of the House of Representatives charged with bribery-accidents


The Public Prosecutor ordered the imprisonment of Jamal Ibrahim Sayed Muhammad, and his reputation as Jamal Al-Shwikhi, a member of the House of Representatives, four days pending investigations, for his request and taking sums of money as a bribe, and investigations are being completed.

And the Administrative Control Authority, at dawn today, arrested a member of the House of Representatives for the Department of the Caliph, Muqattam, and Al-Darb Al-Ahmar in Case No. 501 of 2020 restricting the security of the Supreme State, to his request and receiving 300 thousand pounds as a bribe, from the Chairman of Next Home.

The Supervisory Authority stated that the accused asked for bribery in exchange for exploiting his influence with some officials of some government agencies, to end the procedures for recovering the guarantee of drilling works, which amounted to about 7.5 million pounds, for one of the company’s projects in Mokattam.

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