The rains leave their mark on the buildings … and the building research shows the danger


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Friday 13 March 2020

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The rooftops have received large amounts of rain that fell in various parts of the country since Thursday and Friday, causing cracks and landslides in the buildings of some areas.

Dr. Khaled Al-Dhahabi, Head of the Housing and Building Research Center, revealed the danger of rain water on buildings, and preventive measures to protect it from rain water.

Al-Dhahabi told Masrawy on Friday that the first negative effect of rain water is the intensity of large water, which leads to the collapse of surfaces, pointing out that the presence of water for long periods will infiltrate the concrete, and cause a water filtration in the building.

He explained that rain water also affects the reinforcing steel directly and may lead to the collapse of surfaces, adding: “Rain water also affects the work of paints and shells, both internal and external.”

The head of the Housing and Building Research Center pointed out that when building the last floor or roof in houses, it is assumed that there will be an insulating layer as well as a drainage of rain, pointing out that the isolation work is carried out in an average way, but what happened during this wave of weather has not been witnessed in Egypt since Many years.

He said that the implementation of isolation works to deal with large quantities of rain requires a large cost in implementation, and a very large number of units in Egypt do not have good insulation methods.

He called on the citizens not to let the water dry on its own due to sunlight or air, because this poses a great danger to the construction safety of the building.

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