The Referees Committee apologizes for completing its mission


Gamal El Ghandour, Chairman of the Referees Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, apologized for completing his mission to the five-year committee that manages Egyptian football affairs during the current period.

The media center of the Football Association stated, on Thursday evening, that Al-Ghandour, along with the referees committee members, decided to apologize for not completing their mission before the quinquennial committee.

Ghandour’s decision was taken in light of the current conditions the world is going through due to facing the outbreak of Corona virus and its negative impact on football competitions.

The current period witnesses the suspension of the league competition alongside all local competitions in Egypt after a decision by the Egyptian Prime Minister to suspend sports activities to counter the spread of the new Corona virus.

It is worth noting that the Football Association’s five-year committee made a decision recently to suspend sporting clips again until the end of the Corona virus crisis, which threatens the entire world.


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