The ruble is affected by the decline in oil prices due to the “Corona” outbreak


The ruble is affected by the decline in oil prices, due to the outbreak


                    Dado Ruvic

The exchange rate of the dollar against the Russian ruble rose on Monday, at the international currency market, to its highest level since March 2016, to exceed 73 rubles per dollar.

According to the stock exchange data, today, Monday, the exchange rate of one dollar reached 72.77 rubles, and the euro at 83.79 rubles.

The rise in the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro against the ruble comes against the background of falling oil prices.

And oil futures prices fell more than 20% today, Monday, after Saudi Arabia reduced the official price for selling crude oil, while this indicates the start of a price war after OPEC talks with Russia failed to reach an agreement on reducing production.

Oil prices tumbled, at the end of last week, driven by the new Corona virus.

Source: Sputnik


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