The scaly anteater carries viruses associated with the epidemic of corona


07:04 am

Sunday 29 March 2020


A practical study revealed that the animal eating the artichoke (Pangolin / Umm Cinnamon) that was smuggled to China contains viruses that have a close relationship with that which invades the world.

The sale of these animals to wildlife markets must be strictly prohibited, to reduce the risk of any future outbreaks, according to an international team.

The most widely used mammal is eaten by the artichoke, as it is used in both food and traditional medicine.

Tests also revealed that bats contain many strains of the Corona virus, much like those found in humans.

In a new research paper published in the Nature newspaper, researchers say the genetic data of these animals requires “being treated with extreme caution, and their sale should be prohibited in the wildlife market.”

More observation must also be imposed on the scaly anteater in wildlife in China and Southeast Asia to understand its role in the emergence of the Coruna virus and the risks of metastatic transmission to humans, according to the research paper.

The largest illicit trade in mammals is said to be in the endangered scaly eating ant. This animal is highly needed in Asia for use in Chinese traditional medicine in what some consider meat flesh delicious.

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