The secret of Abdel Halim Hafez refusing to sing Fouad Negm’s poems despite their friendship in the shelter


Usually, the upbringing has an effect on a person’s life, whether negatively or positively, and the childhood and youth friendship remains the closest to continuity, except that the relationship between the Nightingale brown, Abdel Halim Hafez and the vernacular poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, confirms the exception of that rule.
Although Abdel Halim Hafez and Ahmed Fouad Negm were the sons of one shelter in the Zagazig governorate, and on an adjacent family, after life wrote to each of them an opportunity in the way of fame, not a single work was combined, but each had an opinion that reduces the success of the other, and caused the rejection of the Nightingale Asmar Najem in his refusal of a joint artwork with international director Youssef Chahine.
The beginning was, according to Ahmed Fouad Negm mentioned in one of the TV interviews, that he knew that Abdel Halim had become a singer in Cairo, and Najm said: “On the day I knew that he had come to Egypt and did not know what he had made, I decided to visit him at his home in Manial and he was not famous and neither was I Someone knows me, Lessa, the first thing that saw me is a yellow face, and we greeted some very cold peace and the length of the base. We did not speak two words to each other than Ezek … Factor and salvation, and we preferred to pray for some. “
Years later and after they became famous Each in his field, the international director Youssef Chahine presented to Abdel Halim Hafez the screenplay of a movie called “Waddi Al Ayam” written by Italian Lucian Lambert, and it was supposed that the championship will be shared in the film by Souad Hosni, which is the only experiment that would have combined Halim and Shaheen but failed and was not repeated. According to those close to Abdel-Halim Hafez at the time, Youssef Chahine made some adjustments to the scenario, and he added two characters who had an influence on the hero, Sheikh Imam and Ahmed Fouad Negm, and when Halim read the scriptHe was angry, causing him to tear up the scenario, saying: “Crazy Yusef Shaheen gives me two communists who teach me patriotism.”

Abdel-Halim, after the victory of the Egyptian army in the October 1973 war, refused to sing the lyrics of a star in the song “Dola Min and Dola Min”, which was sung by Souad Hosni
Then Ahmed Fouad attacked Najm Al-Andaleeb Al-Asmar, and he said in several television interviews: “His voice was normal, I did not like it, and he took more than his size.”


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