The sexual films of Rahaf Al-Qunoon angered the Saudis, why ?!


The sexual films of Rahaf Al-Qunoon angered the Saudis, why ?! Those sexual films that spread to all the sites that leaked a lot in these days to Saudi Arabia, Rahaf Al-Qanoun, who left her family and fled to Canada.
The Saudis are angry, why are they angry? It is better for them to be happy, because this girl is not right to count her on Now that she has even abandoned her Islamic faith and converted to Christianity with conviction, she has been publishing her filthy films here and there not to exasperate the Saudis no, but she basically wants to do so and wants to touch pornographic films from a young age, but she has not found the ground for her and she fled to Canada.


Now, when its videos spread, you should rejoice, the Saudis, because God has saved you from this wickedness. Rahaf al-Qunun was the first of the Saudi girls to flee to Canada, although her father tried to pursue her there to kill her and take revenge for her honor, but he did not get it.

Such licenses find someone to protect and protect them, not for the sake of their beauty, but for something in their minds towards Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.

The sexual films of Rahaf Al-Qunoon

Do that cheap, do not do, and no one gets angry. She sold her religion, honor, show, and homeland, and everything became permissible and available. Now, porn films are professional with filths like them.

The sexual films of Rahaf Al-Qunoon

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