The shows poured down on Sherif Ekrami after announcing his departure from Al-Ahly


Local and foreign offers were poured into Al-Ahly goalkeeper Sharif Ikrami, after his departure from his club was confirmed by the end of the current season after he had not reached an agreement with the Red Planning Committee regarding the contract renewal file that ends at the end of the current season.

The international goalkeeper received more than a local offer in addition to two external shows, but the player had determined his destination by moving to Pyramids starting from next season, where a contract is scheduled to extend Complimentary With pyramids for 3 seasons.

An honorable meeting with Al-Ahly was a translation of the value of Ikrami as one of the sons of Al-Ahly who contributed to the effort and race in raising the name of their club, and the audience discussed his desire to participate in the matches, and that he endured a lot due to his departure from the stadium, and that his role as a player in the team will end at the end of the current season, which is what Al-Ahly’s guard announced it through his official accounts weeks ago. The committee explained that my right to participate does not belong to him or any club official except the coach, who does not interfere with his powers and accounts in the other direction..

At the same time, the committee affirmed its full respect for Ekrami’s desire to end his football career with Al-Ahly by the end of the current season, and to search for his legitimate right to participate in the matches. Everyone wished him success in his future step, and that he will remain one of the sons of Al-Ahly who are known for their commitment and discipline, and that the doors of the club will remain open to all his children, and on top of them is my tip, who will not deny what he provided to his club during his wonderful career, as well as his behavioral discipline throughout his history.

Sherif Ekrami had issued a statement through his official accounts and the text of the statement came as followsAfter a career spanning more than 23 years as a young player and a player in the first team, and with the end of my current contract approaching, God has taken it upon me to take one of my most important and difficult decisions within the Al-Ahly Club, in which I raise the embarrassment of the Board of Directors, which I have every respect and because I sensed it also about this. File .. 23 years I used to assume responsibility on the field, there is no fun in football more than the fun of matches and participating in them bearing the Al-Ahly logo, and my goal remained during the last period trying to return again to the den with hard and patience, waiting for a real opportunity, but day after day Reality becomes more difficult .. m struggle Intense emotion forced me to the necessity of making the most difficult decision, because it is the club that has a beautiful memory inside me in every corner of it, and the team that I did not imagine that I would protect another barn other than him, the decision was a heavy psychological burden, but left my center without technical crises and the stability of the team and the position of management all factors helped me Much to make the decision .. I had never intended to make the decision to play outside the Al-Ahli club, but at the same time I tried very hard to control my desire to be on the field, for a period that did not last for more than two years, everyone witnessed professionally and my full commitment, applying all that I learned Of the principles, system and behavior throughout my career within a A club … there was no choice but to search for another place in the stadium, a decision that the mind accepts and strongly supports and rejects the heart. Al-Ahly and its fans are the foundation that made my name and family honored, but my strong desire to participate in the stadium before it was too late prevented My continuation .. In the beginning I would like to thank Al-Ahly club officials whether their desire to continue in the team or not and all the best for them in what is coming. “.

“The big fans of Al Ahly, your support and support were the main reason for any success you achieved or were part of it. You were the one who created the great entity and the popularity of its stars and you are still, your love and respect for me is more important than any championships that have been achieved and will always remain the real history and the most beautiful memory for me in my career.” Thanks from the heart to everyone who supported me during my career, whether in love with me or in support of Al-Ahly club, you were always the main motivation for persistence and perseverance, and also thank everyone who criticized me or exceeded my right to hate in my person or the Al-Ahly club, so you were always the fuel that provokes my capabilities and all of you from me Full respect .. in the end brother Sometimes I came and sometimes I found, but God knows whoever worked with me during my career that I have never shortened towards my responsibility inside or outside the stadium, and my goal has always been to serve the team to achieve its goals and embody the club’s personality and establish its principles and try to win the respect of everyone, and I hope that God has helped me in that .. all the details of my next step will be announced clearly when I settle on them and in the right time, all my focus now is with my team to achieve a successful last season that satisfies the aspirations of our large fans and sincerely performs until my last day inside the red castle .. by the end of the current season my league ends as a player inside The walls of my house, I will leave m The big door, head held high, proud of what has been achieved, looking for experience and new challenge, and I will always be grateful for this entity and proud to belong to him and his audience are credited after God in all things, and come back to it someday in the future if she wants predestination.


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