The story of Tire .. Tariq Hamid, “the biggest beneficiary” in Zamalek after the African qualification


It seems that Tariq Hamid Dinamo, Zamalek club midfield is the biggest beneficiary of the white team’s qualification to the African Champions League semi-finals in its current version in light of its approaching the title.

Hamed and seeks with all his might to win the African title with the White Castle after he succeeded in obtaining the title of the League and Egypt Cup and the African Confederation and the African Super and the local Super with the white team and it will be left for him only to obtain the African Champions League to take over all the championships White.

Also, none of the Egyptian sports fans and Zamalek in particular can disagree on the fighting player inside the round witch Tariq Hamid Dinamo, the midfield of the Zamalek team and the Egyptian team.

Also that Tariq Hamed A star possesses a lot of experience that makes him deal with matters with great rationality and kills any discord that raises controversy towards him, as he did recently after the officials attacked him, causing his team to be defeated by Enppi in the league due to stress, but he recovered and traveled with the team’s mission to the Congo to face Mazembe In the group stage African Champions League.

Especially since Tariq Hamid is one of the most prominent players who never wavered in performance, as he is a player who pours all his thinking into commitment to training and matches and did not pay any attention to anything like other players who focus their attention in the media or social media.

A source in the Confederation of African Football Confederation (CAF) revealed that Tariq Hamed, the star of Zamalek, will be available to participate with his team in the away leg of the African Champions League semi-finals, despite receiving two warnings in the Esperance match in the quarter-finals of the competition.

A source in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) said, “The list of the continent’s brown tournaments has already changed and the suspension has become after obtaining 3 warnings instead of two warnings, and the cards are raised after the group stage, which means that Tariq Hamid is ready to participate in the semi-finals.”

On the seventh day, clips of the Zamalek midfield star are shown in the following pictures:


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