The subtitles are translated ATV Resurrection Othman 14 .. Al-Nour series The founder Osman Episode 14 Fourteenth A story of love in Arabic via El Fadjr TV


The location of the light series, the founder Othman, the fourth episode 14, A few minutes and episode 14 of the series of the resurrection of Osman Ghazi bin Artgrel, which is sure to witness many very powerful events, is presented, the most important of which is the killing of Osman to his uncle Dundar after discovering his betrayal of the tribe, and cooperation with the Mongols against the invading hero, and the secrets on the killers of the one who agreed to him The tribesmen also, and after Dundar finds out that he is running away, will he succeed in it or not? This is what we will follow with you in today’s episode.

ATV Resurrection Osman 14

The Resurrection Osman series is one of the best Turkish series that existed at the time, which managed to attract a very large fan base, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and a large number of other countries, because of the historical series that the citizens want to explore, which is the story of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, which It is the first Islamic state in history, born at the hands of Ertugrul the Great, and after his death in Macedonia Osman comes a daughter who is the third and youngest of Ertuلrul’s sons to lead the state from several walks and goes on the same path as his mother, and he achieves many achievements, but he faces some problems, and it is a war against Tatar and Ghoul, who succeeds p It is necessary to eliminate them, before the landing of the state, and to advance them again.

Please find here “The Resurrection Osman Episode 14 Fourteenth.”

Light site Resurrection Osman 14

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” is shown only one day per week, specifically on Wednesday of each week on the Turkish ATV channel in the Turkish language, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Egypt time, and nine oclock in Saudi Arabia time, and it will be repeated in Arabic on Thursday every week on Algerian channel Al-Fajr, at eleven in the evening, while it is being uploaded to the websites one hour after its premiere, specifically the site of light and the site of the story of love.

The frequency of the Algerian dawn channel, which broadcasts the series “The Resurrection”,

We offer you followers of the events of the day, the frequency of the Algerian channel Al-Fajr, which carries the series “The Resurrection of Othman” in Arabic, as the channel is distinguished by its presence on a large number of satellites, namely Nilesat, Yahsat, and Arabsat.

the moonHesitationFEC / SRthe quality
Nile Sat12034 (H)27500 – 5/6SD
Nile Sat10922 (V)27500 – 7/8SD
Yah Sat12130 (H)27500 – 5/6SD

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