The Tunisia bombing: a security man and the perpetrators of the attack were killed and 5 wounded


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Video: an explosion in front of the American embassy in Tunis

A security man was killed and four others were wounded, of varying severity, in a suicide bombing near the US embassy in Tunis, according to the official news agency.

The agency quoted the Ministry of Interior as saying that the attack also wounded a civilian.

The ministry had indicated in a statement issued by it that suicide bombers (two) targeted a security patrol, in the street opposite the American embassy, ​​to blow themselves up.

The ministry added that the bombing killed two terrorists, wounding 5 members of the security forces of varying severity, and also caused minor injuries to a civilian, before announcing the death of one of the security personnel from his wounds.

The bombing coincided with the presidency of President Qais Saeed, the first meeting of the Tunisian government.

The ministry statement stated that the Ministerial CouncilHeld at Carthage Palace, it follows the developments of this process. And that all security units were put on high alert to face any possible risks.

Social media pioneers traded pictures from the explosion site.

The pictures showed a state of panic among passers-by near the embassy headquarters, in the Lake District, a few kilometers from the center of the capital.

The Reuters news agency quoted the local Mosaique radio that the terrorists who carried out the attack were riding a motorbike.

Tunisia has witnessed a number of suicide bombings, the last of which killed a police officer, and wounded eight others, security personnel and civilians, in June.

The so-called Islamic State had launched three major terrorist attacks, in 2015, including an attack on tourists in a museum in the capital, another attack on a beach in the city of Sousse, and a third attack targeting a presidential guard in the capital, killing 12 people.

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