The Tunisian president imposes a complete quarantine on the country because of Corona


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On Friday, Tunisian President Qais Said decided to impose a complete quarantine on the country.

Said said, in a speech to the Tunisian people: «We decided to prevent internal movement, except in cases of extreme necessity to cope with the spread of the Corona virus.

The Tunisian president added that “the situation in the country is under control and there is no room for fear.”

Tunisia announced that its airspace will be closed entirely from this evening as part of efforts to prevent corona virus.

On Friday, the Tunisian authorities registered 15 new cases of coronavirus in a period not exceeding 24 hours, bringing the total number of infected people to 54.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health also announced that the first case of corona virus death in Tunisia was confirmed to an elderly woman who was returning from Turkey.

The health authorities stated that the results of the laboratory tests conducted on her body proved that she was carrying the virus, and she was dead while in quarantine.

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