The wit of Egyptians .. Watch the song “Corona” virus for Nightingale and Mohamed Ramadan


Amidst the horror the world is experiencing from the spread of the Corona virus and its economic, political and health effects, the Egyptians’ wit appears through a video clip addressed by the pioneers of social networking sites, including the performance of a number of famous songs, talking about the virus in a funny way.

The participants in the artistic work were inspired by special words about the virus on the tunes of these famous songs, such as “Atsa Ghriba” on the tune of the song “A strange need” by Abdel Halim Hafez and Shadia, as well as “I am an Egyptian, Aseel Mafish in my pocket handkerchief”, on the tune of the popular singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim From the movie “Citizen, Informer, and Forbidden”, “Virus 1”, on the tune of the song “Number One”, by Muhammad Ramadan, and “Aeshan Taqouli H”, on the melody of the song “by Salmo Neela”, by Tamim Younis, on a tune, so I said to A, and a number of other songs.

A number of pioneers of social networking sites have also launched a number of jokes and satirical images on the situation of the Egyptians and their dealings with the Corona virus, drawing inspiration from some funny pictures or scenes from movies and dramas or writing some funny phrases, to reflect the spirit of humor fun, which is God’s gift to the people Al-Masry, which has been recognized and handed down from generation to generation by generation, to make sarcasm a means to relieve tension and anxiety towards any issue or crisis.


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