The workforce allocates the WhatsApp number to record irregular employment data


Dr. Muhammad Saafan, the Minister of Manpower, said that the WhatsApp number, which was allocated to record irregular employment data that had not been previously registered, had received 100,000 messages, in addition to registering 29,000 forms on the website so far.

Safan added, during a telephone conversation with the program “Ninth” broadcast on Channel One of the Egyptian TV, on Monday evening, that data is being collected and can not be quickly responded to, except after examining it and checking it to direct care to those who are already entitled.

The minister indicated that the priority will be for those who do not receive any pensions, and all state agencies work to provide care for this group as soon as possible, under the current circumstances.

Saafan thanked the civil society institutions that have taken the initiative to help and contribute to provide support to a number of workers.

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