The “zero patient” story in Britain explodes a surprise about the possible focus of Coronas sweep of Europe


In all the countries where the Coronavirus was spread, there was the zero case that contributed to the spread of the disease, to which we see today vast numbers of infected and dead people in the world due to lack of attention and recklessness.

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Message from patient with

Recently, Britain was able to recognize its zero state and the local media were buzzed with pictures and story of this case, especially as it unveiled the outbreak of the disease expected in Europe.

Darren Bland, from Marshfield, east Sussex, is 50 years old, and he is an IT consultant. He caught the deadly virus while he was in the Ischgl winter sports resort in western Austria, and began spreading it weeks ago in the Kingdom, so his wife and children were the first to be infected.

Bland says that he was in Austria from January 15 to 19 with 3 of his friends, and it appears that they all caught the virus during a tumultuous party at the resort, after which each of them left for his home country carrying the disease, two of his friends to Denmark and the other to Minnesota in the United States of America .

a story Darren Bland and his wife

“The people were singing and dancing at the tables,” he said. “The heat comes from their bodies and the sweat covers their faces after a ski trip … It is the best place for the virus.”

He continued: “After I returned from the trip, I was sick for 10 days. I could neither get up nor work, and I was very panting … I transmitted the disease to my family, and my youngest daughter did not go to school for two weeks, then symptoms spread throughout the neighborhood.”

The Bland family has not been tested for coronavirus, but if its results are positive, then this means that the virus struck the shores of the UK a month ago.

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For her part, Bland’s wife, 49, called for a family test to try to help the authorities understand how the disease invaded all of Britain.

Officially, Bland was the first registered case in the UK on January 31, and the virus has spread since then, killing 465 and 9,529 infections.

Ischgl Resort faces questions about how the revelers ended up transmitting the disease across Europe.

Austrian officials launched an investigation into whether the resort intentionally chose not to report cases because it would harm the country’s tourism industry, especially with the major local elections approaching.

a story Ischgl Resort

Opposition leader Dominic Oberhofer said the issue raises questions about the relationship between hotel owners and politicians, who were responsible for overseeing the spread of the coronavirus.

The resort has been linked to hundreds of cases in Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. Despite fears of the virus spreading there, the resort has allowed tourists to stay for weeks.

German media have described the resort as the “breeding ground” for the coronavirus, while Norway believes that about half of the country’s cases were imported from it.

The number of injuries in Ischgl, a small town with a population of about 1500 people, is twice the number of injuries in Vienna, the capital of the country of two million people.

a story Austrian ski resort frequented by thousands of tourists annually

There were at least 1,020 confirmed injuries in the town, compared to 456 in the capital.

Europe has become the new epidemic center, with more than 100,000 people confirmed across the continent. Italy accounts for more than half of the cases.

Tourists from Scandinavia, Germany and other parts of Austria began testing returnees from the resort in early March.

Source: Daily Mail

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