Their representative: Fathi agreed to renew Al-Ahly and Ramadan Sobhi was retaining his punishment


Nader Shawky, the undersecretary of Ahmed Fathi Al-Dhahir, revealed to Al-Ahly that he had a session with Red Castle officials today, Thursday, but stressed the need for the player to be present in order to resolve matters related to renewing his contract with his club.

He said in televised remarks: “There are no differences between Ahmed Fathi and Al-Ahly Club Absolutely, and it will be available on Sunday at two oclock in the afternoon The session will be held and it was agreed with Amir Tawfiq and Sayed Abdel Hafeez on the session and Fathi was not present today because of his travel with his family, which made him absent from the renewal session with the Planning Committee.

Nader Shawqi, as agent of Ramadan Sobhi, the playmaker of Al-Ahly, confirmed that the player’s loan was terminated at the end of the current season, saying: “It was supposed to travel to Huddersfield English for negotiations in order to renew the loan or final purchase from the English club, but the Corona crisis postponed all matters.” Ramadan and Badji Crisis: “The player has reservations about the financial penalty that was imposed on him, and everything is possible, whether renewing the loan or leaving.”

The official website of Al-Ahly Club announced the application of a large financial mentality to the team duo Ramadan Sobhi and Alio Badji against the background of the fight that occurred between them in the last session of the team. Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball in Al-Ahly Club confirmed in statements through the official website of the club: Ramadan Sobhi and Alio Badji in the last session are completely unacceptable inside the Red Castle, and then a fine was imposed on the duo.


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