This brave doctor volunteered to accompany the first deceased in Corona, Egypt


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

Egyptian Ministry of Health officials praised a young doctor who accompanied the first deceased of the new corona virus in Egypt during her transfer from the hospital in Mansoura To the isolation hospital in Ismailia.

Dr. Saad Makki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia Governorate, said that Dr. Aya Al-Hadidi, Head of the Intensive Care Department at “Al Sadr Hospital” in Mansoura, did a “brave job”, as she volunteered to accompany the gifts of Mr. Ibrahim, who is the Egyptian lady who She was infected with the Corona virus and later died, To the Isolation Hospital, Ismailia, without hesitation or fear that the infection could be transferred to it.

For their part, Dr. Ayas colleagues revealed that she had accompanied the injured woman instead of the resident doctor assigned to this task, given the difficult health condition that the patient was suffering from and which required special attention. They explained that Aya was overseeing the patient’s intensive care treatment before transferring her to the Isolation Hospital.

Doctor Aya Al-Hadidi
Doctor Aya Al-Hadidi

The Egyptian Ministry of Health had announced, on Thursday evening, the death of the first Egyptian case infected with the new Corona virus.

Sources revealed to that the deceased lady was called Atiyat Al-Sayyid Ibrahim, who is from the big village of Samahia, located in the city of Belqas. She suffered from respiratory problems for several days, after which she headed to visit a doctor’s office in the city where she lives. The latter was suspected of having Corona, and transferred her to Al-Sadr Hospital in Mansoura.

The sources said that samples were taken from the woman to show that she was suffering from corona, and that it was decided to transfer her to the Isolation Hospital, She died there a few hours after her arrival.

A number of the families of the deceased woman revealed that she had stayed with a family for 3 days to share their condolences over the death of their son, who was residing in Milan. The wife of the deceased Italian came to his body for burial in his hometown, and it was later revealed that this Italian was infected with the virus.

The families said that samples of 6 of those who had died with the deceased woman were taken from her family, and that they were isolated from their homes under follow-up for 14 days. Samples were also removed from the medical staff who dealt with them while they were in “Al-Sadr Hospital”, in addition to the doctors who visited them in private clinics. All were placed under self-isolation and follow-up for 14 days.

A preventive medical team also moved to the village to disinfect the lady’s house and all the places she had been to.

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