Time, art, age 67. Watch the promotional film of Dahab


Egypt was among the oldest countries that knew the art of cinema, and was even the oldest country in history to know the arts in general and innovate and develop, as it was among the oldest countries that developed the arts of advertising.

And if Paris was the first city to witness the first commercial cinematic show in the world in December 1895, and it was a silent movie for the Lumiere brothers, then Egypt and Alexandria in particular witnessed the first cinematic show after Paris days in Cafe Zouani in January 1896, and was followed by the first cinematic show in Cairo, on January 28, 1896 in the cinema (Santi), then the third cinema show was in Port Said in 1898.

The cinema in Egypt developed from silent cinema to speaking cinema and was trading with the developed world in this innovative art, and the development of cinema art followed the development of a number of other arts, including the art of advertising, where producers and filmmakers rivaled in advertising their films.

The late artist Anwar Wagdy was one of the professional filmmakers, in addition to being an actor who was a successful producer and director, and discovered a number of art stars, including the child Fayrouz, who was called The Miracle Girl, and Anwar and Gedi produced a number of films that achieved great successes.

And it was Among the films that Anwar Wagdy produced for the child, Fayrouz, is the movie “Dahab”. Which was shown in cinemas in 1953, and achieved great success.

Anwar and Wagdy were keen on using innovative advertising methods to promote his films, including the movie Dahab, where art historian Naim Al Mamoun gave us a rare number of Al Kawakib magazine released on March 17, 1953, that is, 67 years ago he carries an advertisement for Dahab.


The announcement of a promotional film for Dahab in the planets magazine in 1953

This advertisement included a picture of the artist Anwar Wagdy with the miracle child Fayrouz, and it was titled “Hadith of the Arab World”, and the phrase “It is a powerful movie that contains all new and innovative .. Dahab authored and directed by Anwar Wajdi”, and the advertisement carried the names of actors Anwar Wajdi and the miracle child Fairuz and Ismail Yassin, then the name of the actress Magda, Mamma Chakib, Siraj Mounir and Zeenat Sedky, Abu Al-Saud Al-Ibyari dialogue and a unique portrayal by Waheed Farid.

The announcement was announced on the date of the show starting from March 23, 1953 in Miami cinema, Suleiman Pasha Street, and Feminina cinema in Imad Al-Din Street, and the phrase “very soon in the Rexx and Alhambra cinema in Alexandria”


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