To protect your family from the Corona virus … 5 essential tips to disinfect and sterilize the home


Properly sanitizing and cleaning the house; it has become one of the most important concerns for every housewife, for fear of infection with a virus Sk And the ease of transmission of infection from one person to another, as every mother Looking About her family’s safety.
Dr. Muhammad Shabib, a pediatrician consultant, revealed some things that must be taken into account when sterilizing the home to prevent virus Sk, Which were represented in the following:

When wiping floors, they must be in one direction. It is preferable to use a two-hole bucket, one for water and the other for dilute chlorine. The concentration for wiping is one cup of chlorine, to which 9 cups of water are added.

– cleaning hands With soap and water After the cleansing process.

– Disinfection of common surfaces between family members, door handles and office surfaces, and it is imperative that the surfaces be clean and dust-free before disinfection.

The cleansing process should be every 24 hours.

The shoe should not be entered into the interior rooms of the house.


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