To the tunes I will challenge myself and forget about despair..Electrics starts his day by running on the Corniche


Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the Al-Ahly player, was keen to start his day in the running sport, in order to maintain his fitness in light of the stopping of sports activity in Egypt and many countries of the world due to the spread of the global epidemic of Corona.

Kahraba posted a video through his account on Instagram while he was running on the Nile Corniche, accompanied by a number of his friends, to the melodies of the song “From Now You” by Hamada Hilal. Al-Ahly player commented: morning optimism.

Electrification on the Corniche
Electrification on the Corniche


Al-Ahly club sent an official response to the International Football Association (FIFA) regarding the complaint previously submitted by Al-Zamalek club against Al-Ahly, accusing it of inciting Mahmoud Abdel Moneim electrically to flee from Zamalek to move to Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly’s response came after the club received a notification from “FIFA” through the Egyptian Football Association, asking it to respond to Zamalek’s complaint about the electrification deal, which moved away from the White Castle last summer to the Portuguese club Avis without Zamalek’s approval before playing for Al-Ahly last January. Zamalek said in his complaint that Al-Ahly incited the player to leave Zamalek, with the help of the Portuguese club.

Al-Ahly’s response to FIFA came that the club is completely away from this accusation and this incitement, and the officials of the Red Castle stressed that Al-Ahly was not a party to this crisis, from near or far, and that the club contracted Electrified Coming from the Portuguese club Avis, which is the contract that came after the player left Zamalek more than six months ago, and there is no evidence that Al-Ahly incited electrification to leave Zamalek, and this is an unreasonable and totally false accusation..

The Swiss lawyer, Monterrey, was keen to present Al-Ahly’s response to FIFA and assured the officials of the Red Castle that their position in this case is legal, especially since the club contracted the player after studying the matter from all its dimensions and studying the legality of the deal.


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