Today’s matches Wednesday 11/3/2020 in the Egyptian League and the transport channels


“The Seventh Day” will publish the dates of matches today, Wednesday 11/3/2020, in the Egyptian Premier League, as the Tanta and Tigris Valley match will be held at the Tanta Sports Stadium, the Enppi and Pyramids match at the Petrosport Stadium, the Al-Ahly match and Smouha at Cairo International Stadium within the confrontations of the eighteenth round of the competition.

The date of the Tanta and Tigris Valley match

The Tanta and Tigris Valley match will be held at 7:30 pm today, Wednesday, at the Tanta Sports Stadium in the face of escaping from the drop in light of the tense situation of the two teams in the competition schedule after the end of the first round.

The last appearance of Tanta in the league competition witnessed a negative tie with Enppi, while the Tigris Valley fell in front of the Egyptian Port Said with three goals without response in the seventeenth round of the competition.

Tanta occupies the fifteenth place in the league table with 15 points after playing 17 games, winning two games, tied in 9 meetings, losing 6 confrontations, its players scored 14 goals and conceded 23 goals, while Wadi Degla ranked seventeenth with 14 points after playing 17 games. In 3, he tied in 5, lost 9 matches and his players scored 17 goals and conceded 27 goals.

The match date for Enppi and Pyramids

The match of Enppi and Pyramids will take place at 5 pm today, Wednesday, at the Petrosport stadium, in a balanced confrontation for the two teams, which the petroleum team enters after a negative tie with the Vanguards in the match presented by the 19th round of the competition, while Pyramids beat the Arab contractors with two goals without reply in the last appearance of the competition.

Enppi is sixth in the league table with 25 points after playing 17 games, winning in 6 confrontations, tied in 7, losing 4 matches, its players scored 18 goals, conceded 17 goals and still has a deferred match, while Pyramids is third with 29 points after playing 17 He won 8 matches, drew in 5 confrontations, lost 4 games, scored 27 goals and conceded 19 goals.

The date of the Al-Ahly and Smouha match

Al-Ahly match will be led by Rene Fyler And Smouha at 7:30 p.m. today, Wednesday, at Cairo International Stadium, in a confrontation that the Red Genie enters into high gear after qualifying for the semi-finals of the African Champions League after overcoming the obstacle of Sun Dunes 3-1 in the total number of home and away matches.

Al-Ahly tops the league competition standings with 48 points after playing 16 games in which he achieved the full score, recording 45 goals and conceded 3 goals only and still has a postponed match, while Smouha is ranked seventh with 24 points after playing 17 games, he won 5, drew 9 and lost 3 matches, the players scored 19 goals and conceded 17 goals.

Channels for the Egyptian Premier League matches

Time Sport and On Sport channels will broadcast the Egyptian Premier League matches.

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