Translator Rene Fyler reveals the difference between Al-Ahly coach and Carton


Amr Moheb, the Swiss translator, Rene Filer, the technical director of Al-Ahly team, revealed that the latter is very serious and practical, and that he is constantly working in the exercises without stopping.

Amr Moheb explained during his television statements to Al-Ahly channel the difference between his work with former coach Patrice Carteron, technical director of the current and Swiss team for Zamalek. Rene Fyler Saying: “Carteron has a friendly relationship with the players. As for Fyler, he is a very practical person. This is not wrong with him, but the way he directs to different players stresses that the one who makes 100% in training is the one who will participate. He does not believe that there is a difference between training and the game, while Carteron tends to motivate the players from both sides of humanity. A correct school with Carteron broke down because he faced a major crisis due to injuries, while Fyler has many technical solutions and tactical flexibility and may surprise us all by changing the position of a player and assigning him certain tasks before the game, he believes that the team does not stop on anyone. “

Amr Moheb pointed out that the Swiss Fyler is not angry when a player misses an opportunity but rather when someone does not abide by his instructions to the point that he may threaten him in practice by not participating in matches if he repeats the error, saying: “Fyler also stresses that the team is one unit, meaning that it defends and attacks as one block It is important for the player to move continuously and not delay returning to perform defensive tasks, as he says the player touches the ball 5 minutes in the match, so he will not content himself with watching for 85 minutes.

The Filer translator spoke about his reaction to the events of the Egyptian Super game, saying: “Fyler was very upset by what happened, but the team’s violence and told the players:” We always win, we must accept the loss and do not accept that a player descends to fight with a competitor. “Feiler was also surprised by the events of my match The coastal star and the crescent moon, in Sudan, escaped death. I received a brick in my back, the atmosphere was very difficult, and I was surprised by how much hatred in football.

He commented on the talk about some of the players, saying: “Rene Weiler does not like to talk about any player outside the match. We agreed together not to talk about Saleh Jumaa, but he accepted the question in a conference, decided to respond, and surprised me with what he said.”

Amr Moheb concluded his speech by saying: “Feiler is a professional coach, he knows that Al-Ahly is required to win in all matches, but he assures players that the tournaments do not come with records, as well as in his dealings with the fans he sees that the Egyptian people are emotional, to the point that he decided to set strong limits to prevent anyone He tries to take memorial photos with him while staying in the hotel, eating or reading in the hotel garden. “


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