Tunisian Health announces the island of Djerba, a hotbed of the Corona virus


Tunisian Health announces the island of Djerba, a hotbed of the Corona virus


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The Ministry of Health in Tunisia announced today, Sunday, that the tourist island of Djerba, in the south of the country, is a hotbed of infection with the emerging Corona virus.

The head of the National Observatory of New Diseases Nassaf Bin Alia said in a press conference today that a number of those suspected of contracting the virus did not comply with the self-quarantine upon their arrival from abroad, which caused infection between those close to them.

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Bin Alia explained that more restrictions will be imposed on the movement of movement on the island to investigate cases of contact and to ensure that the injured are isolated and healthy.

Bin Alia did not provide specific numbers on the island, but it reported that the total number of infected people in the country rose to 75 confirmed cases of the virus, announcing the registration of 15 new cases on Sunday.

She pointed out that the declaration of the island of Djerba as a focus of the virus aims to identify and investigate all cases of contact, and to ensure their safety and isolate the injured so that the infection does not spread to the island’s residents.

The island of Djerba is one of the most famous tourist resorts in the Mediterranean basin. About 13,000 foreigners, most of whom were German and French tourists, were evacuated from Tunisia, including those who stayed in hotels on the island.

It is worth noting that public quarantine measures across the country began on Sunday, March 22nd, in an effort to prevent interstate virus expansion.

On Saturday, Tunisian Minister of Health Abdel-Latif Al-Makki confirmed that there is a focus of the Corona virus in a small area in Tunisia and that the Ministry of Health and the relevant authorities will surround it.

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