Turkey announces the rise in Corona deaths to 9, and injuries to 670 – Ernews


Turkey announces the increase in Corona deaths to 9 and injuries to 670

Source: Anatolia

Today, Friday, Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuja announced that the number of deaths due to the Coruna virus has risen to 9 and infections to 670, after 311 new cases were registered.

The minister said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “Analysis was done for 3656 people, 311 of them were infected with the virus, the number of infected people increased to 670, and we lost 5 elderly patients whose resistance was weak.”

Koujah explained that the total number of deaths in the country reached 9 cases, “all of them are elderly people”. He called Kujah to protect the elderly, and not to let up for a moment in the fight against the virus.

The Minister of Health had announced, on Thursday evening, that the number of people infected with the virus had increased to 359 after recording 168 new infections during the past 24 hours, and deaths to 4 cases.

As of Friday evening, Corona affected nearly 270,000 people in 184 countries and territories, including more than 11,000 deaths, most of them in China, Italy, Iran, Spain, South Korea, Germany, France, and the United States.

The worldwide spread of the virus has forced many countries to close their borders, suspend flights, cancel several events, and prevent gatherings, including Friday and congregational prayers.

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