Twitter donates $ 1 million to support journalists in the Corona Virus crisis


Social media companies worked hard to make sure they play a useful and not harmful role in disseminating reliable news and information about a virus, and Twitter recently decided to take an additional step and focus its efforts in the wider world of journalism, as it announced a $ 1 million donation equally to two organizations, the Committee to Protect Journalists CJP And the International Women’s Media Foundation IWMF, To enhance their work specifically related to virus coverage COVID-19.

According to the American TechCrunch website, organizations like IWMF And CJP A vital role in supporting the work of female journalists and in defending all journalists working in complex environments, but in times of crisis they show how important their presence is. CJPFor example, there are a number of stories that highlight how journalists who cover news of the Coronavirus are threatened, especially in countries where governments try to suppress much of the negative information that is passed on to the public, a role that is especially urgent now, given How well people turn to news for information.

Vijaya Gad said from Twitter when announcing these donations: “At the moment, every journalist is a journalist COVID-19“Given Twitter’s deep connection to news, this means that the plight of journalists – where some risk their health if not their lives to report stories – is the plight of Twitter, as journalism is the core of our service and we have a deep and lasting responsibility to protect this work.”

Gadi indicated that the funds will be used in some way to help in the economic crisis that the press is exposed to because of Corona, and to ensure that these organizations can continue their work in the face of new economic pressures and support journalists directly. “

Joel Simon, CPJ Executive Director CPJWe are grateful for the generous support of Twitter, and our efforts at CPJ are focused on ensuring that journalists around the world have access to the information and resources they need to cover a pandemic COVID-19 Safely, and we press again against governments that censor the news and restrict the work of the press, we need accurate and timely information flowing across countries and across borders so that political leaders, health policy experts and the public at large can make informed decisions at this critical moment. “

Elisa Lise Munoz, Executive Director of the International Women’s Media Foundation added: “At the present time there is a great need to support our press community covering and dealing with this global epidemic, and based on our contracts with journalists working in dangerous and difficult environments, it is understood IWMF The decisive role that safety and security plays in the industry, and thanks to the amazing support from Twitter, will be IWMF Able to meet the needs of our community of journalists more deeply and powerfully.

Noteworthy, Twitter is not the first social media company to donate to the press. Last week, Facebook also announced two million dollars in donations each, for news outlets to report on the Corona virus, and for information verification organizations to ensure that content shared on Facebook Facebook documented and accurate.


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